Consejos para perder peso

La tarea es traducir el artículo al inglés. Aquí pueden adjuntar sus versiones para que todos comenten:


6 responses to “Consejos para perder peso

  1. Title:

    -Tips for Losing Weight

    -New Strategies for Facing Weight Loss

    -Nothing would make us happier than to find an infallible remedy to reduce those extra pounds that bother us. No matter how much you search, you will not find the philosopher’s stone to solve your problem.

  2. Our group had the paragraph that started with iniciar. . .

    Begin or increase your regular physical activity. As little as it may be, it is always better than doing nothing. Your long-term success depends on your consistency in maintaining a regular physical activity.

  3. Pararaph that starts with Cambiar su estilo de vida. . .

    Change your life style. Modify deeply rooted habits which have been developed over many years, take much time to break. One must have patience while incorporating a new activity everyday. It is important to have family and friends support during this process.

  4. Modify your eating habits: learn how to choose foods with less calories, cook with less oil, and how to shop for and prepare meals. Learn strategies to help overcome cravings.

  5. You are the one responsible that has to commit to lose weight. The health professionals will help and guide you through this undertaking. In order to lose weight and keep it off you need to assume that you may need to make two or more of the following changes.

  6. 1st paragraph:

    Tips or advice
    New Strategies for (Tackling/Confronting) Weight Loss

    “Ud. es el protagonist:” It is your responsibility to commit to losing weight…

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